Phil Johnston Memorial 14ft. Regatta Mannering Park Amateur Sailing Club (3)

Totally Immersed TV’s ‘2023 Winter Update’ | Australian Championship Tour

We’re Totally Immersed TV, the one and only, and this has been the Championship Tour!

From the nooks and crannies in Victoria, all the way up the eastern seaboard to the Sunshine State, and across the continent to the vast land in the West, Totally Immersed TV is reliving the action, summarising the first half of the 2023 Championship Tour. Join Elisabeth (WA), Emily (VIC), Charlie & Libby (QLD), along with Bryn, Bridget & Paddy (NSW) as they review the regattas we’ve already seen, highlight what’s to come, before we anticipate and dare to dream of the eventual outcome as we head into the Australian Championships at the end of the year.

It’s already been an absolutely jam-packed start to the 2023 Hobie Sailing year. The New South Wales, Western Australian, Victorian & Queensland State Championships are all but complete, with the nation-wide Totaly Immersed TV team getting in amongst the action on and off the water. With a slate of regattas in the winter and spring, we’re here to give you the latest update from the Australian Hobie Class. Check out the updated Championship Tour Rankings HERE.